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Trusted Vivint Reviews- Vivint offers best-in-class equipment and technology features to its customers. One thing that Vivint does year after year is grow at a crazy rate, and they innovate. They just recently announced that now they integrate with other third party tech providers such as Nest. One thing that Vivint has known to have issues with is quality of customer service. But for the customer who does not regularly call in, Vivint could be a great option.

  • Over 1 Million Homes Protected
  • Home Automation Capabilities
  • Manufactures It's Own Equipment

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You may recognize the Vivint brand from the little compact orange cars that are driving around your neighborhood with “vivint.” inscribed on the side. One thing that Vivint has done correctly is brand themselves well within communities. Typically known as the “community” supported home security company; Vivint has made a huge name for themselves and established themselves in all markets around the nation. You may be familiar with their old name Apx Alarms, after rebranding themselves to Vivint they have become a household name.

Vivint has one of the top advanced control panels currently available. One thing that makes Vivint completely unique is that their control panels is their very own product. Meaning they created and branded their own control panel. This may not seem as if it is a major selling point but most other home security companies use third-party control panels. Having their own control panel allows them to have hand-created the technology behind it making it unique and secure in their own innovative way.

Reason’s Why We Love Vivint

When it comes to technology, Vivint ranks among the highest in the nation. Between the Vivint Sky Mobile App to the control panels that are created in-house; Vivint is beginning to set the bar in total customized home automation and security. In fact, Vivint allows you to add new accessories as you see fits for your home in addition to utilizing the app on as many devices as you would like. With Vivint, there is no barrier when it comes t technology and customize a package perfect for your home. Vivint offers some great features, lets take a look into why we love Vivint.

  • Vivint Sky Mobile App for iOS, Android and Window devices
  • Home Automation features such as automation
  • Severe weather notifications
  • Climate control features
  • Indoor video surveillance options
  • Lifetime warranty on all equipment
  • Innovative control panel
Reason’s Why to Consider Other Options

 Although most people live at their homes on average of 5 years, you may not want to be bound to a contract for that long. Vivint is not quite that long but their contract does last 42 months. Typically, home security is one of the first bills to go when homeowners begin to cut back on bills, this contract length will make it difficult if you feel you may want to break the contract early of 42 months. In addition, their entry level package starts at around $50 a month, making it one of the higher priced home security and automation companies. Although you do receive quality products and services, some homeowners have a hard time justifying the amount. Let’s take a closer look why you may want to look at other options.

  • Lengthy 42-month (3.5 years) agreement
  • No cancellation policy in place
  • Monthly monitoring fees are high and possibly due to increase

Event though Vivint may have high monthly monitoring fees in addition to lengthy contracts, you are receiving some of the top home security and automation equipment available on the market. With the high pricing we still feel that Vivint is ranked one of the top security companies in the nation and definitely worth your while to check out and do some shop comparison.

Vivint, like most home security and automation companies, have fairly strict contracts that creates wording that is in their own favor. Even though Vivint’s best interest is their customers, they still have several policies in place that you may want to take a closer look into before signing the agreement. As with all agreements it is always important to read the fine print and ask any questions that may arise while signing the documents.

Account Transfer Policy

This policy is in regards to transferring your services to someone else if you cannot fulfill payment. Very unique program Vivint offers as most home automation and security companies do not allow transferring your account to another person. If the individuals qualify to takeover the account, it will cost the current account owner nothing. If you have interest in this policy, it is best to call Vivint up directly to make sure there are no loopholes or other problems that may arise with transferring your account over.

Moving Policy

Vivint is available to assist you in your setting up your home automation and security at your new residents if you move. Although there is some setbacks you do need to be aware of. IF you agree to transfer your account to your new residents and sign a new agreement, there will be no moving fee. If you decide to stay with the current agreement and continue it at the new residence, there is a $99 moving fee applicable. The best way to approach moving is contacting Vivint directly to see what the scenario is in your particular outcomes.

Cancellation Policy

As mentioned above, cancelling with Vivint will be costly. Like most home security and automation companies they will charge you the remainder of your agreement in full. Although Vivint does state they will look at each cancellation case-by-case and will consider extenuating circumstances. This is not very common as most companies will automatically state the cancellation policy and not consider specific scenarios and circusmstances you may be under. An example of an extenuating circumstance is a death, bankruptcy or possible transition to an assisted-living home. Give Vivint a call if you feel you may qualify for specific circumstances, more then likely they will be more then happy to assist you in any way.

Vivint has a very large suite of home automation accessories and features to choose from. Whether you are in search for 24x7 video recording from your smartphone, having smart locks on al your exterior doors or garage door control from anywhere; Vivint offers it. Many homeowners choose Vivint because of the style and designs of their products. Most are very sleek and have an innovative design motif to them.

Vivint is majorly known for the Vivint Sky App. From the app you can virtually control anything in your house. From viewing the door bell camera to changing the temperature in your house upon arrival. Having quick access to your homes security and thermostat is what was once a luxury and now reality for any homeowners through Vivint Sky App.

Through the home automation features you can truly feel safe when away and at your residence. Receiving push notifications on your phone when your front door has opened or taking a quick look at who is at the door through the Vivint Sky App will put you at ease every time you may feel antsy. Although on the expensive side of the spectrum, you are paying for quality products and services.

Overall Vivint’s home automation suite offers a large range of features. Just be careful when signing up and adding more to the basic packages as it can quickly add up to very high monthly fees. A Vivint representative can assist you in shopping for the perfect home security and automation package all within your budget to meet your needs.

We ranked Vivint #2 on our list because of the strong features it offers within their home automation products. Check out their website above to learn more about how to get started with Vivint and a free quote and consultation for your home!

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 48 reviews
by Will on Vivint
City, State: Provo, UT

Great company! Love their work ethic.

by Leann Arnold on Vivint
City, State: Cabot, AR

Run from this company and their lies!! Once you have signed the contract, it does not matter what you were told by the salesman or the person on the conference call setting up your account. You will not be heard when you feel like you must cancel your service after 16 months to use that money to care for your family after falling on hard financial times!! DO NOT sign the contract!!

by Mitchel C. on Vivint
City, State: Hialeah, FL

Vivint is amazing! I love every single feature of it and I'm looking forward to more updates soon. Thank you Vivint and the rest of the team! You are amazing! You deserve a 10 out of 5 stars!

by Bruno L. on Vivint
City, State: Palmdale, CA

As a police officer, I am glad to be protected by Vivint. I highly recommend their services.

by WC P. on Vivint
City, State: Tupelo, MS

Vivint protects my home and my family. I love their home automation; my home is like The Jetson's Cartoon! Vivint is always there when I need them.

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