Top Preferred Home Security Systems has really done a good job and reviewing the top preferred home security systems. The hardest part about choosing a home security system is that there are so many options to choose from. That being said, we have already done the hard part. Check to find the best information and why we chose Protect America as number one. This article is going to be a quick snapshot of what you will find on the entire website. To keep is simple, we are going to review the top 3 companies on


#1 Protect America

Protect America has been one of the best companies for many years running now. Although large, they are not the largest company. Some customers have said that they enjoy the friendliness of the staff and it make customers feel that it is not a large ‘disconnected’ culture. has visited the Protect America campus and we can say that the staff is very friendly. Let’s hop to their business model. Unlike most companies, Protect America has made a great name of itself by developing an easy do-it-yourself home security system. So no need to have a weird technician enter your home. They use a very modern General Electric home security panel and sensors. There is no doubt that they take care of their customers. Their response time to alarm events is a matter of seconds. Keeping your home and family safe is the Protect America top priority. Give them a shot. We are confident they can help you.


#2 Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home has had some rough patches here and there, but REALLY have the home security and home automation down to a literal science. Vivint is the only company that provides their very own equipment. It is among the best. The home security systems panel makes you feel like you’re managing security options from an iPad. It has a great feel. In fact, most tech oriented people end up using Vivint. That being said, the most innovative company comes with a heavier price tag. With the good packages starting at $49.99 per month and up, they are definitely far from the cheapest. Vivint has grown substantially because of it’s door-to-door sales program. This really helps Vivint reach those who need a home security system but do not know where to start. Although representatives are trained to be aware of all clients’ needs and to not annoy or pester people at their homes, there are bound to be some who do not follow all strict guidelines, despite Vivint’s effort. That being said, don’t just that book by its cover. Vivint is a great company with great response times. That’s what earns them the #2 spot on our website.


#3 Frontpoint

Frontpoint is a company that has not been on the scene nearly as long as some of the other guys. However, after just over 10 years in business, they have really made a name for themselves regarding quality. Like Protect America, they have a do-it-yourself home security system. Again, this is easy stuff. It does not require a rocket scientist to install your home security systems. You can do it. We believe in you. There customer cancellation rate is under 5%. These guys know what they are doing. And for those who like it simple, Frontpoint offers just three options. We see this as a positive. Let’s not make this more complicated than it needs to be.

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