The Top 10 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Securing Their Home

The Top 10 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Securing Their Home




Securing your home is no easy task. Since properties tend to be big and intricate, it can be easy to forget certain areas exposing your home to risk. Check out the top 10 mistakes homeowners make below.


#1 Protecting Only Doorways


It is true that most burglary entries occur at the door or some common entryway. But, not all burglaries happen there. Often times, when purchasing a home security system customers tend to ask sales people what they think about spending extra to protect other areas of the home like windows. In an effort to save the sale, they will often reply with, “you don’t need to spend extra money there. Most burglaries happen through the door.” But for a small amount more, is it really worth the risk?


#2 No Carbon Monoxide Monitoring


With some many deaths every year caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, it is not worth losing that coverage. Most home security companies will offer this option free of charge. Read more about it here from the CDC.


#3 No Smoke Alarm Monitoring


Do not take the risk of not having a smoke detector. Okay, you may be saying, “I already have a smoke detector!” Here’s the different. Having a smoke detector and having a smoke detector that is integrated with your home security system are two different things. You want it integrated because many home fires happen when you are not home. Without the integration, who is going to hear it and call the fire department? Conversely, when you have an integrated and monitored smoke alarm, your home security company will make that call for you, allowing the chance to save your home and property. Don’t take that risk!


#4 Not Using App Notifications


Home security isn’t just about protecting your home when you are home. It is just as important to protect your home while you are gone. Most break-ins happen during the day while homeowners are gone at work. Get the notifications on your cell phone through your app. This will make your life much easier.


#5 No Video Surveillance


Using the app will allow you to watch your cameras live as well as stored footage. Watch your nanny take care of your child as you would expect. You should also set notifications to alert you when there is motion. If you know that no one is home, and there is motion picked up from the camera, then that allows you to trigger an alarm or call 911.


#6 Ignoring Suspicious Behavior In the Neighborhood


This one should go without saying. Don’t be that person and not report something weird going on in your neighborhood. Say something. Call the local police. Or call your home security company and they can call the police for you.


#7 Not Having Home Automation


Not only done home automation make your life easier, but it also makes your life safer. With home automation features like that from Vivint Home Security, you can easily shut off appliances that were left on. Don’t take the risk of your home going up in flames because the curling iron was left on.


#8 Not Protecting Bottleneck Areas


Every home has common areas called bottlenecks. This basically means that its an area where other parts of the home connect to it. Often times it’s a family room, living room, or kitchen. Sometimes it’s an entryway. You MUST put a motion sensor in these areas. That way when someone breaks into your home through a window or some other uncovered entry point, the home security system will cover and set off your alarm. This is definitely a must.


#9 Garage Mishaps


Garages can be weird. Sometimes they are attached and sometimes they are not. Sometimes they are in the back of the property, and sometimes they are right in front. Garages tend to be a big target area for theft. Most garage doors are not very secure. Get these doors protected and even ad a motion sensor and camera to the garage. The last thing you need is to have your property stolen out of your garage. Don’t forget to cover this area. This is so important.


#10 Relying on Owning A Firearm For Home Security


Owning a firearm is obviously one way to protect yourself. But, this does not protect your home! Firearms used as security only work when you are home. What about when you are not home? It also goes without saying that defending yourself and family in your home with a firearm carries a lot of responsibilities and risks. Get a home security system. See below to know which is the best home security company to choose.




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