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Established in 1923, Slomin's is a family-owned home security company made to take care of homeowners all across the country. To home security, to heating and cooling, Slomins covers all residential and company protective needs. Slomins offers a selection of security packages, made to fit any house or business. The company provides every client with exceptional equipment and security monitoring systems. The company also offers a free basic system and installation, allowing for affordable equipment and systems. Despite the excellent service and equipment Slomin's provides, it has created much frustration with their contract flexibility and cross-country availability.

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As a family run business, Slomin's offers some of the best security systems, made with top-notch equipment. The Slomin's Shield advanced home security offers dependable protection to every customer. With their home automation system, customers can view and control their system from any mobile device, installed panel, or computer desktop. Slomin's central monitoring system will receive an immediate alert, providing instant help notifying the authorities, as well as the client.
Slomin's contract details are somewhat hazy, with confusing information and hidden details. Slomin's attaches major details needed to know for any customer, concealed at the bottom of the home page. Because this information is so hidden, customers can be mislead and misinterpret some the information on fees.
Slomin's home automation system is composed of remarkable equipment and is made to suit every customer. By purchasing certain equipment, Slomin's offers wireless systems to remotely control and keep an eye on the house from mobile device or computer. Clients can turn off lights, lock doors, and change temperatures, all with the touch of a button. With their MyShield app, automatic settings allow to customize sensors to adhere to any need, such as turning on lights, or turning off devices when alarms are triggered.
Slomin's uses their own equipment.
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