The Top 3 Home Security Cameras

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One of the most powerful things about home security is being able to use security cameras. As important as the panel and all of the other sensors are, we stare incessantly at the cameras. After all, it is cool to see what is going on when the home is alone. What does that dog keep getting into? How do the children act when the babysitter is around? Or even better, how does the babysitter act around the children when the parents are gone. So as much as we love our home automation and security features, most home security customers are using the cameras more than anything else. It is true that the camera does help protect you as a deterrent, but in the event that you do have a break-in and the burglar does get away, then you have the opportunity to catch the bad guy. That’s the good news. But check out the following 3 home security cameras recommended by

Nest Camera

The nest camera is easily the most sophisticated camera on the market today. Using it’s own application, the Nest camera is a smart camera. It is always listening and always recording. You can receive push notifications on motion and also on sound detection. The Nest camera is very easy to install using your smart phone. More importantly, the camera’s picture is extremely high quality recording in 1080p. Also, the camera has night vision that kicks on automatically so everything you want recorded, no matter the situation, it is recorded. The wide angle lens will easily show an entire room. As for where you can get it, most larger electronic and big box retailers carry nest products. But if you want to have the the monthly monitoring with your Nest camera, then choose Vivint Smart Home because they integrate with nest.

General Electric Camera

General Electric is a great company. To say they are not might be blasphemous. They claim to be the world’s premier digital industrial company. Well, from airplane parts, appliances, and security cameras, they offer some of the best technology. Period. Similar to the Nest camera, General Electric’s camera offers most of the same features. Although it may not look as sleek, it boast high quality internals. Protect America home security is a leading provider for for General Electric home security equipment.

Whether you want to catch intruders, watch your boring vacant house, or watch cute videos of your cat jumping off the couch, make sure to choose the best option.

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