Protect America vs ADT

Protect America is on the cutting edge of technological advancement. All of the products and services that they offer are considerably advanced for the home security system industry. Not only will Protect America protect your home from potential intruders, they will allow you to check your security cameras from anywhere. Protect America allows the homeowner to view home cameras from any cellular device.
Protect America has a large number of pet owning customers. Pet owners value the ability to check on their beloved pets throughout the day. Pet owners can see what their dogs are up to, as well as use a two-way speaker camera to communicate with their animals. Homeowners can actually give animals (or people) commands from anywhere in the world, as long as they have a cellular device.
Unfortunately, ADT does not have the capability to two-way communicate with animals (or people) with their current equipment. For some homeowners, this is not an issue. ADT has a long history and a massive customer base to prove that they have a model that works for quite a few Americans. Even though they do not employ the most cutting edge technology, they still have a fantastic reputation of securing homes from intruders.

When considering whether to choose between Protect America or ADT, it is important to weigh what is most important to each individual. Do you prefer to work with a company who has a long reputation of securing homes? Or do you prefer a company who secures your home, but also offers other perks such as mobile control of your entire home. Essentially turning your house into a smart home. You’ll be able to control the lights, garage, cameras, and locks in your home if you choose Protect America. In the end it really is all a matter of personal preference

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