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Trusted Protect America Reviews- Protect America is an outstanding option for home security. Having combined the the ease of the do-it-yourself home security system and superior service, this company attained the number 1 spot on Partnering with General Electric to build a state-of-the-art of home security panel, you can rest assured that you have the most up to date system protect your home and family. In addition to quality service and great equipment, Protect America also offers the most inexpensive packages among all of its competitors.

  • Over 500,000 Homes Protected
  • Home Automation Capabilities
  • Uses General Electric Equipment

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Protect America

In search for one of the top leading home security companies in the nation? Then you might want to look into Protect America. Being one of the largest home security companies in that nation they have a lot to offer compared to some of the smaller home security companies. But just because they are a large company does not mean it is the safest choice. Let’s dive deeper into why you may want to choose Protect America or look else where.

Protect America has been serving the nation since 1992, with a tally of over 500,000 homes protected by Protect America products and services. Their #1 goal is to serve the whole nation with affordable security pricing and be able to access the millions in America and educate them on the importance of home security systems. Buy offering some of the lowest rates in the nation, they are able to capture multiple markets and share with them why having a home security system is so important and display to consumers why Protect America is the right choice.

Reason’s Why We Love Protect America

Protect America has become a household name in the home security industry. There are several reasons why they have been able to be one of the top choices for consumers. Everything from the pricing to their customer service tops the list but let’s go over in more detail reason’s why we love Protect America.

  • Technologically advanced equipment.
  • Top rated customer service reps. and installation team.
  • No hidden or upfront fees; everything is wrapped into the monthly fee.
  • Around the clock Broadband, Cellular and Landline monitoring.
  • Capabilities include home automation as well as other unique products offered.
  • Low monthly fees starting under $20.

These top reasons are why we rate Protect America as one of our favorite home security companies in the nation. Although these reasons are why many choose them, we do want to share some reasons why we think you may want to look else where for your home security needs.

Reason’s Why to Consider Other Options

Every great company also has their share of downfalls. Although the down falls of Protect America are considerably small in the grand scheme of things we still wanted to share with you why you may want to seek out other options.

  • Protect America locks you into a 3-year agreement.
  • Hidden agreements within the cancellation policy (always read fine print).
  • Restocking fee as high as $79 per unit for returned equipment.
  • Landline monitoring does not include video streaming.

Although they lock all customers in a 3-year agreement within the contract details, it is an industry standard agreement. Other then that the other reason’s on why to choose other options, we still feel that Protect America is our #1 choice for home security companies in the nation. Check out more about them in the other tabs above!

Although most contacts have fine print, throwing in different clauses to typically benefit them selves; there is usually a lot of filler and can be difficult to decipher what most of the sections of an agreement contract is implying, let alone what you are agreeing to by inking your name. We pulled specific parts of the contract agreement and laid out what we feel is most important for you to understand.

Section 1

The return policy is not in favor for any customer of Protect America. We found that you have only 14 days to try out your equipment to see if it is the right choice for you. If you return their products within 14 days you are not charged extra with the monthly fees but you are charged $79 for restocking fees. If you do choose to return the units make sure it is postmarked within that first 14 days. Otherwise they will assume monthly fees and agreement is in effect and there may be higher fees that need to be paid.

Section 5

This section of the agreement states that Protect America has the legal right to assign your account to any other individual, firm or entity without any notice to customers. Although this may sound strange, most agreement in fine print do mention this. We wanted to point it out though because many individuals did not understand the ramifications if that happens. If they were to transfer your account to another third party, they are required to keep same rates and services as Protect America, unless customer is contacted.

Section 6

This section refers to Protect America not being liable of the customer’s property whether an intruder enters, unit damages the wall or other acts of conduct that does not pertain to Protect America. They state that it is the home owner’s responsibility to have the adequate insurances in place to retain coverage over personal injury, property los and damages.

Section 9.1

Section 9.1 discusses about late payments and the ramifications if payments are not paid. They allow two months of late payments but if you pass the two-month threshold they will cancel your agreement and the customer will be liable for paying the remaining monitoring balance. This can be quite the hardship if you regularly do not pay bills on time.

Section 9.2

This section pertains if in event there is a lost in connection or unit is unable to maintain connection, Protect America is not liable for interruption or lost in connection and can cancel agreement without penalty of liability.

Just like most home security companies, Protect America has whole suite of different home automation offerings to choose from. Some starting at very affordable rates (all things considered) to higher end products and sirens you can add. One of the popular features that many homeowners have grown to enjoy and rave about is the SMART connect app that is integrated with their home automation.

With the SMART connect app you will be able to control nearly aspect of your house. Everything from lights and appliances to the HVAC system to security. Whether you are in the kitchen or 1000 miles away, you can turn the desk lamp on at night or turn your heat up to warm the house for your arrival.

There are many options to choose from with the Home Automation. Whether you want to purchase the equipment outright or lease it from Protect America; whatever your budget you should be able to afford these features. Some of the options you can choose from to add to your custom home security plan are:

  • Flood sensors for flash and slow-rising floods
  • Indoor siren that will detect intruders
  • Freeze sensors for colder climates to detect frozen pipes
  • Controlling non-Pa appliances
  • Door sensors
  • Keychain remotes
  • Notifications through email, text and push via the SMART connect app.

Although Protect America does offer a very large suite of items to add to their Home Automation products and service, they do not have the most features compared to other companies. But for the price (starting at free) you cannot complain. Protect America is one of the few companies that offer free Home Automation under specific terms.

Protect America has an array of different options to choose from when it comes to equipment. Whether you are in search for a control panel, security cameras, door sensors, window sensor or anything else in between; Protect America has some of the top innovative products on the market.

 Simon XTI Touchscreen

If you are in search for the next generation of control panels, then the Simon XTI is available for you. Between the crystal-clear touchscreen and the easy to use navigation; you will instantly fall in love with the style and functionality of this control panel. Protect America is currently setting the nation’s standard with this device in terms of functionality and style.

Simon XT

If simplicity and quick navigation is what you are in search of then the Simon XT control panel is a great choice with Protect America. Although not the top-rated control panel in terms of style, is is a traditional control panel that is easy to use and has nearly no learning curve.

Video Surveillance Camera

Protect America offers an HD and Wi-Fi surveillance unit that allows you to view the camera from anywhere in the house. Through the Protect America app you can quickly bring up your camera anywhere in the world to check up on your home or make sure Fido isn’t getting into anything. Greatest park about the Video Surveillance is the ease of access and change of angle if needed.


Protect America offers a wide selection of sensors including garage door, glass break, door, window and motion detector sensors. Although they have very basic style sensors, when it comes to home security, that is all you need. Unfortunately, they have no options in colors such as an alternative to the white as black or neutral grey.

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 32 reviews
by Ralph on Protect America
City, State: Cldrmont

Its okay

by Linda Martindale on Protect America
City, State: Valley view tx

It would keep going off for no reason they put the smoke alarm on ceiling to hard for older people to reach it without a ladder. Too expensive said they would lower it but did not keep their word

by Dean on Protect America
City, State: Lake Charles Lousiana

i like the wireless part.

by Dean on Protect America
City, State: Lake Charles Louisiana

i like the wireless

by Michael Leonardi on Protect America
City, State: Port Orange, FL

I just wanted to let you know, Jenny helped me this evening and she was EXCELLENT. The reason I went with Protect America is the high ratings on your customer service, and I have to say, this was no exception. Jenny helped me quickly, efficiently and offered assistance without hesitation. A+. Customer for life!

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