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Protect America is leading the home security industry. At, we’ve found that home owners have become more educated over the years. We are now in an Age Of Information. The consumer is now empowered. They no longer make decisions based on emotion only. Instead, consumers are perhaps making most decisions based on logic. That being said, has become the trusted source of real quality information about home security companies. Protect America is our trusted source. Read below to find out why.

      1. A company is only as good as it’s people.

Protect America

      really takes care of it’s people. See what hey offer


      . They offer full benefit packages as well as career building opportunities. In 2011, Protect America was voted best place to work in Austin, TX. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the customers.

2. Although Protect America was not the first company to provide very modern equipment, it was the first one to do it right. Offering a color touch screen panel, Protect America now has a very innovative and technologically advanced home security system. The color touch screen panel is a General Electric product called the Simon XT system. The user interface is very easy to use for those that are not super familiar with most technology. The good news is that this new option integrates the new wireless equipment and sensors. And yes, the Simon XT also has cellular technology so that in the event of a burglar entering your home, the panel will remain active even if ripped from the wall.

3. Home automation. Need we say more? Well, let’s touch on this just in case. Home automation is exploding right now. As said above, consumers are becoming more comfortable with information and technology. Life is getting faster and Protect America responded. The company now offers automatic door locks, appliance control modules, and light controls.

One thought on “Protect America Is Best In Class

  1. Starting as small Protect America has come a long way protecting thousands of people, attracting through there low entry fee. With lot of automation and improved techniques it has improved its BBB rating from C to A.

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