3 Ways A Security System Helps Keep You Safe

security system

How home security systems help security?

The demand for home security systems has increased the past few years.  Homeowners are installing home security systems to keep their home safe from burglars. They are also installing home security systems to keep them safe from natural disasters.


There are two main types of security systems, wireless (Protect America) and wired (ADT). More homeowners are opting for the wireless versions because instillation is affordable and flexible.

With advancement in technology, home security systems have been upgraded to include new features and functions.

A security system will typically include the following:

Alarms/Sirens – Loud noises ignite primal fear in all mammals, especially humans. Our bodies react on a viseral level when confronted with loud screeching noises, such as an alarm. The alarm severs two purposes: First to warn off intruders, and secondly to warn the homeowner that something is wrong. Sirens go off when any sensor has been tripped.  Motion, heat, water, or smoke may trip your alarm.

Sensors – Protect your home by measuring dangerous changes within your home. Sometimes that is movement in a particular part of your home, at a particular time, where and when there should be no movement. Sometimes the danger is smoke or fire. Your sensors will warn you of a fire before a fire will actually wake you up, which could be the difference between life and death. Sensors will also warns of water or flood damage to come.

Control panel – This is the part of the system that brings all of the other parts together. The control panel communicated with the sensors, the alarms, and the homeowner.  The control panel allows the homeowner to control which sensors to turn on and off and control the time in which it is either on or off.

It is important to choose the right home security system for you. TrustedAlarm.com has designed a comparison page to help you decide which system works best for your needs.



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