Reasons Why You Need Home Security Companies

Home security companies really have got a bad reputation. Let’s be honest. Unfortunately, there are some massive home security companies that have grown primarily through door-to-door sales tactics. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but there are absolutely some negative repercussions. That being said, let’s address some reasons why it would be great to get a home security company to protect your home and family. Below is a list… give it a read.

  1. Not all emergencies are burglaries. In fact, it’s more likely that your alarm will be used for fire emergencies than for theft.
  2. It’s actually really convenient. With the addition to home automation features like the ADT Pulse, Vivint.Smart Home and the Protect America home security and automation systems, life is so easy. If you forget to lock your door, no big deal, your system has it covered.
  3. Are you worried about a break-in while you’re home, or while you’re away? This is interesting because answers are split right down the middle. Whether you’re at work, or at home asleep, break-ins happen. Get protected.
  4. The sales person does really care.
  5. Carbon monoxide is a really dangerous and common threat.
  6. Dogs actually don’t work that well as guardians. This one is an easy bypass for burglars. Yes, even your super mean crazy guard dog.
  7. Your gun! No, you’re gun does not stop everything. Okay, so you are a great shot! But what about when you are not home? Is that gun going to shoot itself?
  8. Yes of course home security systems work. They save lives every single day.

Home security companies have a big responsibility. They are in charge of saving lives and protecting property. Think about it. What is more important to all of us than that? Go ahead and call a home security company.

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One thought on “Reasons Why You Need Home Security Companies

  1. I am a loyal customer of ADT for around over four years now. They have done an outstanding job. I am writing this post on another issue. I have learned recently that there are several households in my development that have ADT security signs displayed on the lawns out-front of their properties, but in fact do not have the service..I called to report this to ADT and was told that there was nothing they could do about this situation. So, on thinking about it more , it seems that I should just drop my service and keep the signs posted . Why pay for it when I can post signs that false advertise that I have it and get the protection for free, like every one else is. I think ADT should take another look at this policy of theirs. It’s not fair to the paying customers.

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