The Financial Benefits of Home Security

As much as we love to talk about home security systems, nobody loves to add another bill to their budget. Holy cow. You’ve already got a million other things like insurance, utilities, mortgage payment. Some home owners even have to pay mortgage insurance premiums with their FHA loans which run about $100.00 per month at least. It gets real crazy real fast. So in order to justify yet another expense, it would be very wise to look your return on investment. In fact, many financial gurus argue that even insurance expenses can be seen as potential assets. Let’s consider a few benefits to having a home security system installed in your home. Read below:


#1 Home Owners Insurance Discount

Being a home owner can get expensive very quickly. So any sort of discount or break you can get is well worth it. So one thing to keep in mind is that most home insurance companies will discount insurance premiums if you do have a home security system that is installed and being monitored. Although these discounts vary for each company, it can really make a difference to your bank account. Again, when owning home, it all makes a difference. Anyway, this has a direct affect to your bottom line. So highly consider home security to your budget.


#2 Property Damage

So one way to make money is to not take losses, and properties can easily lose money. So let’s look at it this way. There are multiples ways that your home and property can lose money. Such as the following:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Frozen pipes

Most natural disaster can and do cost homeowners a lot of money. So its very important that these scenarios be mitigated as much as possible. Imagine that your home catches fire in the kitchen. Fortunately, in this scenario you have Protect America home security system with smoke detection. The alarm trips, and the fire department gets there in time to put the fire out in the kitchen. The home and structure are saved. That directly saves you money.

How about frozen pipes. Having pipes burst in the winter time is a very bad thing. Same scenario. You save $$$.


#3 Valuables Need Protect

Again, a good way save money is by not taking losses. Let’s be real. Burglars are not kindly entering your home to have tea and crumpets. These guys are clearly there to steal your stuff. Your home security system will save you money by keeping your property on your property.


Check out the number #1 pick.

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