Best Home Security Camera System

Best Home Security System

The best home security camera system can be a complicated endeavor for most. has put together an article that may help.

With recent advancements in technology it has become less complicated for Do-it-youself-ers to take on projects that were usually reserved for professionals. This recent trend is relevant to homeowners trying to decide whether they want to set up their own home security, or hire a security company to do it for them. As with anything there are advantages and disadvantages with either choice.

Anyone can buy security cameras and set them up in their home. This is an inexpensive option. Some have trouble with setting up their cameras to work with their cell phones or hook up to other wireless services. However, for the more tech savvy consumer, this is not a bid deal. They find this easy to do. However what is overlooked is the monitoring aspect of security. Cameras are just that…cameras. They can capture video of your home, but they offer no further protection.

Home security companies on the other hand, are more expensive. They usually force you to buy their equipment, charge an install fee, but they offer much more than simply cameras. They offer a service to actually monitor your home on multiple levels. They will alert the authorities if there is an intrusion in your home. They will alert you and your love ones of fire, smoke, or water dangers. Most companies also offer the option of automating your home. DIY home automation systems are a nightmare (I’m a tech person, and have had a terrible time trying to do it myself).

Luckily there are a few companies that recognize this problem, so they have offered a unique solution. Companies like Protect America and Front Point security allow the homeowner to set up their own inexpensive cameras, but then offer the services of other security companies as well. This is great middle ground for those who find themselves stuck in-between trying to choose which route they want to go. Hope this helps those who find it hard to decide.