Reviewing Blink Home Security

Blink Home Security

Reviewing Blink Home Security

Blink Home Security is a small Do-It-Yourself security camera. It is simple to install and can work in any home. Many people enjoy the freedom of a DIY home security system, but there are a few drawbacks.

With the Blink Home Security System, you don’t have any customer support technicians that can come out to your home and help if you are having technological difficulties. You might be paying less for the equipment, but you are forgoing important customer service.

Many people that have bought and reviewed the Blink Home Security System have noted that while the camera works, it doesn’t come with many other features that could set it apart from it’s competitors. It is just a camera that can attach to a wall and show you the inside of your home.

Another downside to Blink Home Security is that while they are no wires, there are batteries. This can be difficult if the batteries die and need changing while you are away. This can result in a stall in your home security monitoring, which could be especially frustrating if you are out of town on vacation.

Blink Home Security can be accessed through an app on your smartphone or tablet. This can provide you with home security monitoring no matter where you are. But if there is an emergency, the system is not linked to any emergency responders so you could very well watch a thief haul off with your television.

Blink Home Security can be a great solution for the person who just wants to monitor their house. But it does not provide anything other than that. If you are looking for break-in alerts, door monitors, sirens or water leak alerts, you will want to contact a home security company that specializes in all around home security.

Should I Buy a Home Security System from eBay?


Should I Buy a Home Security System from eBay?

As you peruse eBay, it won’t take you long to see there there are many sellers offering home security systems. But is it safe? Should you buy a home security system from eBay? In short, the answer is no. Here are the reasons why it isn’t a good idea.


  1. Buying home security system from eBay instead of from a reputable company increases your chances of fraud. When you purchase your home security system direct from a company, you can have peace of mind that you are going to get great service. With an eBay seller, there is no customer service phone line. You have to take the chance that you aren’t going to get duped. That is never worth the money you are spending!
  2. You risk getting faulty equipment. Some eBay sellers are only selling broken equipment that has or has not been refurbished. This equipment is not going to come with a warranty like the equipment from a reputable company is. Once again, there is no phone line you can call to ask questions about your equipment. Often, the home security system equipment sold on eBay is from a home security company that has gone out of business and is trying to unload their inventory.
  3. If you buy home security system from eBay, you are going to most likely overpay. When you use a reputable home security company, you can get the best deals possible. eBay sellers cannot give you the deals a home security company sales representative can. Many buyers also assume that the best deals are found on eBay when that isn’t the case at all, especially for home security systems. Another issue is that many home security companies offer the equipment for free when people sign a contract. You can save hundreds of dollars in that way alone.


The best way to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe with a home security system is to purchase the equipment and service from an actual company, not an online seller. You will receive excellent customer service and the best price possible. You will also deal with experienced installers that know the best ways to monitor your home. You can take the guesswork and stress out of home security when you hire a company that specializes in keeping people and their homes safe.



How do you know if someone is watching your house?

How do you know if someone is watching your house?


It’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings in your neighborhood and know who lives around you. This helps you better protect your family and your home. But what if you feel like you are being watched? When a burglar breaks into a home, they often have been planning it for a while. They have set a target and know what they are looking for. How can you know if someone is watching your house and planning on you being the target?


There are obvious signs that someone is scouting out your house for a potential burglary. You might notice someone walking around your neighborhood frequently, possibly taking notes or pictures. There also might be someone parked on your street for long periods of time that you do not recognize. A burglar might pose as someone who needs help with their car or other issue just to get close to your house and your family. And of course, there is the threat of people working on your house like construction workers, carpet cleaners or furniture movers. Be sure you are familiar with the people you allow to come inside your home.


These people might be perfectly harmless, or they might not. It is worth it to be aware of suspicious activity in your neighborhood. If you do notice something outside of the regular day-to-day activity, call your local police department. They are happy to come out and investigate anything that might lead to a burglary or violence. It’s best to try and stop a crime before it happens.


To protect your family and your home from a break-in, there are a few simple measures you can take that will help a lot:

  1. Make sure you keep your yard tidy and well-maintained. If the lawn looks overgrown and there are weeds in the flower beds, it can sometimes tip off a burglar that no one is home and possibly on a long trip.
  2. Put away your children’s toys and bikes at the end of the day. If you child’s bike is especially expensive, it might tip off potential burglars that you have other valuable things inside your home.
  3. Do not leave mail in your mailbox or packages on your doorstep. This could make a burglar think you are out of town. Also, never post on social media that you are out of town. You never know who could see that as an opportunity to break into your house.
  4. Do a daily check that you windows are locked and secure. It is even a good idea to cut a wooden dowel and put it inside the track of your windows to further protect your family.
  5. Never leave the house with the doors unlocked. 30% of burglaries happened with the door being unlocked.

Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems


In this day and age, you don’t have to scroll through the news on your phone too much to see all the scary things that can happen. There are home burglaries, break-ins and assaults everyday, all over the country. Luckily, you can have a first line of defense by using a home security system. A home security system can give you an edge on taking care of your home and protecting your loved ones.


What is a home security system?

A home security system is a way to arm yourself and your family with excellent protection whether you are at home or away. A home security system can protect your family while you are asleep at night and it can protect your home and your belongings while you are at work or on a vacation.


How does a home security system work?

A home security system works hand-in-hand with your local law enforcement. If your system is interrupted by a break-in, it alerts your local police and they are able to get to your home as soon as possible to stop in burglaries or damages. You also can monitor your home with a home security system by accessing the system remotely.


How much does a home security system cost?

Home security systems are more affordable than you might imagine. For a full home security system, you will spend between $19.99 and $69.99  The installation is also affordable, but many companies offer free installation. When it comes to the equipment, it is also reasonably priced and is sometimes included in your installation price. Here we are listed home security pricing


What options are offered in a home security system?

A basic home security system has a control panel that you use to activate or deactivate the system whether you are home or away. Today’s control panels are sleek and look great with any home decor. Many home security systems offer the option to access the system remotely through a smartphone or tablet. Beyond the basic home security system, there are options of surveillance cameras and doorbell cameras. These can also be accessed remotely through a smartphone or tablet. With these extra camera options, you can feel confident that you loved ones are safe while you are away.


What if the home security system equipment breaks?

If your home security system breaks or malfunctions, most companies offer a free lifetime warranty. This helps to ensure that you can have your home and your loved ones protected under any circumstance.


What if I move away? Can I bring my home security system with me?

When you purchase a home security system, you have the option of purchasing one that is portable. It does cost more money and there could be a fee to change your service address, but it is possible to bring your home security system with you. This option is very popular with people who rent their house. Just because you do not own your home doesn’t not mean you cannot enjoy the benefits of a home security system.


A home security system can give you peace of mind. When you purchase a home security system, you don’t need to worry about your belongings or your loved ones.

The Financial Benefits of Home Security

As much as we love to talk about home security systems, nobody loves to add another bill to their budget. Holy cow. You’ve already got a million other things like insurance, utilities, mortgage payment. Some home owners even have to pay mortgage insurance premiums with their FHA loans which run about $100.00 per month at least. It gets real crazy real fast. So in order to justify yet another expense, it would be very wise to look your return on investment. In fact, many financial gurus argue that even insurance expenses can be seen as potential assets. Let’s consider a few benefits to having a home security system installed in your home. Read below:


#1 Home Owners Insurance Discount

Being a home owner can get expensive very quickly. So any sort of discount or break you can get is well worth it. So one thing to keep in mind is that most home insurance companies will discount insurance premiums if you do have a home security system that is installed and being monitored. Although these discounts vary for each company, it can really make a difference to your bank account. Again, when owning home, it all makes a difference. Anyway, this has a direct affect to your bottom line. So highly consider home security to your budget.


#2 Property Damage

So one way to make money is to not take losses, and properties can easily lose money. So let’s look at it this way. There are multiples ways that your home and property can lose money. Such as the following:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Frozen pipes

Most natural disaster can and do cost homeowners a lot of money. So its very important that these scenarios be mitigated as much as possible. Imagine that your home catches fire in the kitchen. Fortunately, in this scenario you have Protect America home security system with smoke detection. The alarm trips, and the fire department gets there in time to put the fire out in the kitchen. The home and structure are saved. That directly saves you money.

How about frozen pipes. Having pipes burst in the winter time is a very bad thing. Same scenario. You save $$$.


#3 Valuables Need Protect

Again, a good way save money is by not taking losses. Let’s be real. Burglars are not kindly entering your home to have tea and crumpets. These guys are clearly there to steal your stuff. Your home security system will save you money by keeping your property on your property.


Check out the number #1 pick.

Top Preferred Home Security Systems has really done a good job and reviewing the top preferred home security systems. The hardest part about choosing a home security system is that there are so many options to choose from. That being said, we have already done the hard part. Check to find the best information and why we chose Protect America as number one. This article is going to be a quick snapshot of what you will find on the entire website. To keep is simple, we are going to review the top 3 companies on


#1 Protect America

Protect America has been one of the best companies for many years running now. Although large, they are not the largest company. Some customers have said that they enjoy the friendliness of the staff and it make customers feel that it is not a large ‘disconnected’ culture. has visited the Protect America campus and we can say that the staff is very friendly. Let’s hop to their business model. Unlike most companies, Protect America has made a great name of itself by developing an easy do-it-yourself home security system. So no need to have a weird technician enter your home. They use a very modern General Electric home security panel and sensors. There is no doubt that they take care of their customers. Their response time to alarm events is a matter of seconds. Keeping your home and family safe is the Protect America top priority. Give them a shot. We are confident they can help you.


#2 Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home has had some rough patches here and there, but REALLY have the home security and home automation down to a literal science. Vivint is the only company that provides their very own equipment. It is among the best. The home security systems panel makes you feel like you’re managing security options from an iPad. It has a great feel. In fact, most tech oriented people end up using Vivint. That being said, the most innovative company comes with a heavier price tag. With the good packages starting at $49.99 per month and up, they are definitely far from the cheapest. Vivint has grown substantially because of it’s door-to-door sales program. This really helps Vivint reach those who need a home security system but do not know where to start. Although representatives are trained to be aware of all clients’ needs and to not annoy or pester people at their homes, there are bound to be some who do not follow all strict guidelines, despite Vivint’s effort. That being said, don’t just that book by its cover. Vivint is a great company with great response times. That’s what earns them the #2 spot on our website.


#3 Frontpoint

Frontpoint is a company that has not been on the scene nearly as long as some of the other guys. However, after just over 10 years in business, they have really made a name for themselves regarding quality. Like Protect America, they have a do-it-yourself home security system. Again, this is easy stuff. It does not require a rocket scientist to install your home security systems. You can do it. We believe in you. There customer cancellation rate is under 5%. These guys know what they are doing. And for those who like it simple, Frontpoint offers just three options. We see this as a positive. Let’s not make this more complicated than it needs to be.

6 Common Home Security Mistakes

security system

Simple tips can help homeowners stay safe. Here we list some common home security mistakes that homeowners make. All of the mistakes that we’ve listed can be EASILY prevented.


 1. “Hiding” A Key Under a Doormat– This is by far one of the most common home security mistakes that homeowners make. The first place that an opportunistic burglar is going to look for a key to your home is under the doormat. Please do not leave a key to home there!


2. “Hiding” A Key Outside– This mistake is closely related to the biggest mistake. You are not being clever by hiding a key under a potted plant or a rock.  When you leave a key outside your home, you compromise what is inside your home. The solution is simple, don’t do it!


 3. Falsely Using Security Equipment–  Professional thieves will know the difference between sign yardage, fake cameras, and legitimate security. Posting a sign without actually having a home security service is dangerous.  At best you are only deterring opportunistic burglars.


4. Relying On a Dog– Relying on the family pet to keep you safe is naive. Even if  your dog is not friendly they are easily manipulated and can be fooled.  Barking at the front door, and barking at an intruder entering by other means is different.


5. Using Social Media To Tell Of Whereabouts–  Most Robberies happen during the day, why? Thieves know that you are  most likely to be at work. The last thing a burglar wants to deal with is someone inside the home. For this reason, as                   tempting as it is, do not #instabrag or update your status on Facebook telling of your whereabouts. It is even more important that you wait to post about your awesome vacation AFTER you return home, not while you’re actually gone.


6. Not Forwarding or Stopping Your Mail– Another one common home security mistakes, is not stopping your mail. If you are going to be gone on vacation it is important to stop your mail. It is a dead giveaway that no one is home when mail piles up at your home. You also risk people stealing packages left on your doorstep. Next time you leave on vacation, give the USPS heads up.

3 Ways A Security System Helps Keep You Safe

security system

How home security systems help security?

The demand for home security systems has increased the past few years.  Homeowners are installing home security systems to keep their home safe from burglars. They are also installing home security systems to keep them safe from natural disasters.


There are two main types of security systems, wireless (Protect America) and wired (ADT). More homeowners are opting for the wireless versions because instillation is affordable and flexible.

With advancement in technology, home security systems have been upgraded to include new features and functions.

A security system will typically include the following:

Alarms/Sirens – Loud noises ignite primal fear in all mammals, especially humans. Our bodies react on a viseral level when confronted with loud screeching noises, such as an alarm. The alarm severs two purposes: First to warn off intruders, and secondly to warn the homeowner that something is wrong. Sirens go off when any sensor has been tripped.  Motion, heat, water, or smoke may trip your alarm.

Sensors – Protect your home by measuring dangerous changes within your home. Sometimes that is movement in a particular part of your home, at a particular time, where and when there should be no movement. Sometimes the danger is smoke or fire. Your sensors will warn you of a fire before a fire will actually wake you up, which could be the difference between life and death. Sensors will also warns of water or flood damage to come.

Control panel – This is the part of the system that brings all of the other parts together. The control panel communicated with the sensors, the alarms, and the homeowner.  The control panel allows the homeowner to control which sensors to turn on and off and control the time in which it is either on or off.

It is important to choose the right home security system for you. has designed a comparison page to help you decide which system works best for your needs.



5 Ways To Protect Your Home At Night

5 ways

5 Ways To Protect Your Home At Night


Even though most burglaries happen during the day, when unsuspecting homeowners are at work, nighttime invasions are just as serious, and are much scarier. Thieves often utilize the cover of darkness to burglarize your home. Here we have listed five ways you can deter burglars from choosing your home to invade.


1. Have motion-activated floodlights

Burglars do not like to burglarize your home if they think you are home. This puts them at an necessary risk of being caught, or injured by a homeowner that fights back.  They have one goal, steal your belongings without being seen.

One way to spook them is to have motion activated-floodlights. It is difficult to sneak up on a home when bright lights are shining on you.  If you have motion-activated floodlights, this will also act as an element of surprise, really throwing the burglar for a loop.

Not only does light expose the burglar, it also alerts your neighbors.  If the whole street is dark and then suddenly BAM!! lights go on, it will draw quite a bit of unwanted attention the burglar’s way.


2. Post Yard Signs Displaying Your Security Provider

Burglars want to get away with their crime. Knowing that you have a security system puts them at too much risk of getting caught. As much as they want your belongings, they want to go to jail less. One of the best deterrents is the demonstrating that you will have video surveillance of their crime.  Again, if they understand there is a highly likelihood of them being caught, they will not want to rob your home.


3. Install Loud Sirens

Loud sirens are great for two reasons: The most important reason to have a loud siren is to make sure that YOU hear it. If for some reason the burglar is not deterred by your floodlights and yard signage, you need to be alerted if a break in happens while you are home.

The second reason loud sirens are needed is deter an opportunistic burglar from continuing their quest to steal your belonging. We are biologically designed to react to loud noises. They inflict a primal fear in us as human beings. Assuming you are being robbed by a human, they will be fearful when your siren goes off.


4. Pretend You Are Home

As mentioned above most robberies happen during the day, when homeowners are not home. Burglars do not want to take added risk by robbing someone that is home.  One way to deter burglars is to posture as if you are home, even when you are not.

One way to make people think you are home it to install lights that can be controlled by a timer, or through an app. Almost all home security companies give you the option to control your lights remotely from your phone.

Another way to pretend you are home is to leave your television on, either on a timer, or as you leave your home just take a second and turn on your television. Televisions mimic the sounds of everyday “normal” life. So even if the burglar cannot see your T.V., its noises will also act as a deterrent.

5. Lock Your Doors

This one might seem obvious. People…LOCK YOUR DOORS! Homeowners simply do not lock their doors. It is often the back sliding glass door, or the garage side door that is forgotten. Make sure to maintain locked doors at all times, not just at night.

Also do not have a key hidden under the doormat or in a fake rock or under a flower pot. If needs be get an automated door lock so you can remotely lock and unlock your home.

Best Home Security System

Best Home Security System

Read our Review for Best Home Security System Here.

The brand was developed to help the millions of homeowners every who who are searching for a reliable source of information before they make a purchase for a best home security system. The modern world is becoming faster and faster and more data driven than ever before. This is was drives the Trusted Brand. knows best and the team of writers will do its very best to supply you with the most accurate and relevant information available. The modern day consumer does not want to be sold. Instead, she wants to build up a wealth of knowledge as to be empowered in the buying process. The more you know, the better.

Committing to a long term agreement and most importantly protecting your home and family is NOT something to be taken lightly. This is why is made up of a team of expert reviewers who can inform you at every turn. Even after purchasing a system from our list of home security company, feel free to continue using this website and leave comments on the blogs. Also, feedback on certain experiences is also a must. This will allow other users to feel empowered to find the best home security companies.

As a consumer, making decisions can be difficult. Not only do you have to worry about expense, but you also have to worry about selecting a trustworthy company. From monthly monitoring costs, quality of equipment, the sales person, or even just the reliability of the service itself, it does matter. How are you supposed to know if the company is going to answer the phone and get the police to your home in time? It all comes down to trust. We know that we can provide you with all of the information that you need to know if you are working with a trustworthy company

Although we cannot say for certain if your experience with a company will be perfect or not, we can say that one company is more trustworthy than the other based on our thorough review process.

Based on a the score, you can make a good decision and know that we, as professional reviewers know the most trusted home security system.

Please allow to help you in your decision making process. Get your home, family or business protected today!