3 Simple Reasons to Install a Home Security System

1. Protection from Intruders
Homes without security systems are 3x as likely to be invaded.  The very existence of an security system is often enough to deter intruders, however the system provides no real safety unless it is being monitored by a home security company.

Home security systems have at least three basic pieces of equipment, although most have many more features.

Often times burglars will unwittingly enter a home while people are inside. The dangers of home invasion are dramatically reduced when a home security company is monitoring the system. 

2. Protection from House Fires

Homeowners are at greater risk of a fire than an actual home invasion. However, fires are not often thought about in connection with home security. Most home security companies offer high-tech monitoring to insure that all occupants of the home are safe in the case of a fire. Loud alarms will siren to awaken the occupants of the home. The security company will also immediately dispatch the fire department to the home in danger. In all seriousness, having a monitored smoke alarm could be the difference between surviving and not surviving a home fire. Some systems will even send a text message to the homeowner warning them of the danger in their home.

3. Saving on Homeowners Insurance
The cost of homeowners insurance depends on the location, coverage, payment plans, the insurance company, type of house, and other miscellaneous factors. Homeowners insurance is a package policy. This means that it covers both damage to your property and your liability or legal responsibility for any injuries and property damage you or members of your family cause to other people. Insurance companies offer as much as a 20% discount on insurance to homes with an active home security system. Depending on which security company homeowners choose, they are positioned to save more on homeowners insurance than they are paying out in security monitoring. Essentially making money every month by owning a home security system. How sweet is that? Baller move.






Should I use a Raspberry Pi as a Home Security System?

Raspberry Pi

Should I use a Raspberry Pi as a Home Security System?

Raspberry Pi is a company that makes personal computers. Recently, they have been making a big scene online and throughout the world with a new product- a Do-It-Yourself Home Security System. DIY can be an enticing idea for many people because of the savings is can provide. But is it the best choice for your home security?


Raspberry Pi offers a small, simple security camera. It can be used in your home or outside. It has the ability to sense motion and then take pictures. Then the camera can send the pictures to your email. This can give the edge on home security that you have been looking for. You have the ultimate control with the Raspberry Pi camera.


While the Raspberry Pi can seem like a simple home security solution, there are a few downsides. One of the biggest downsides is that there is no customer support like you would receive when using a home security system company. If you are struggling to install your camera, you are on your own. When you choose a home security system company, they do all the work for you and often, they don’t charge an installation or equipment fee when you sign a service contract with them.


Another downside of using Raspberry Pi is that you do not have a control panel. When you choose a home security system, a control panel is installed and it is from there that you can control the entire system. You can also access the system remotely through your smartphone or tablet.


The bottom line is that you want a home security system that is reliable. And the best way to do that is to use a reputable home security company. When you do that, you get excellent customer service, equipment warranties and peace of mind.

How to Cancel Your ADT Contract

how to cancel your adt contract

How to Cancel Your ADT Contract


As your family’s needs might change, you may be interested in how to cancel your ADT contract. If you cruise around the internet enough, you will find that there are disgruntled customers that describe a difficult process of canceling, but it’s actually quite simple and straightforward. Here are the steps on how to cancel your ADT contract:


  1. Visit the ADT website and scroll to the very bottom of the home page and click on Help Center.
  2. In the search bar, type in “How do I cancel my service?”
  3. Scroll down and click on “Account and Billing FAQs”.
  4. Under “How do I cancel my service?”, click on “Learn more about how to cancel your ADT service”.
  5. This will direct you to a page that asks about changing your service or if you are moving. It also has a link about canceling. Click on the canceling link.
  6. This will direct you to another page that gives you a phone number to call. This will direct you to ADT’s customer service and at that point, they will walk you through the steps of canceling. You cannot cancel your ADT service online. You have to call.


What do you do when they will not cancel your contract? There are a few ways to work around the terms of the contract your signed if you really do want to cancel your service and stop paying for it.


Most security companies have certain “out” clauses in their contract meaning that they will allow you to cancel under certain conditions. Those conditions are usually that you the customer has to pay a certain percentage of the remaining balance on the contract. Other companies require that you pay the full amount of the remaining balance.


With most home security companies, you can sell your existing contract to someone else. In other words, it’s transferable. To find someone that might be interested in taking over your contract, do a little internet searching or even ask friends and family that might in the market for a home security company.
The bottom line is that you should never sign a long-term contract that you aren’t comfortable with or familiar with. It’s difficult to learn that the hard way. With ADT, if you don’t sign a long-term contract and want to be on a month-to-month basis, it will cost you more, but you will have the freedom to cancel service on your terms, not theirs. And it always feels better to not be tied down to any one company.


How do Home Burglaries Compare to Apartment Burglaries?

home burglaries

How do Home Burglaries Compare to Apartment Burglaries?


If you have ever had anything stolen from you (albeit home burglaries or apartment burglaries), you know that it’s one of the worst feelings. Whether it was something valuable or trivial, you know how violated you can feel. To know that someone was in your personal space, going through your things and taking what they want can be uneasy and frightening.  

According to the FBI, the biggest threat to your home is burglary. And this includes apartments as well. Often, people wonder if there are more apartment burglaries or home burglaries. There isn’t one single answer to that because it can depend on many factors.


One of the first major factors when comparing home burglaries to apartment burglaries is the location. If you live near a busier part of town, whether it’s a home or an apartment, there is more foot traffic and a higher chance of burglary. But if you live in a more rural area, there is less of a chance of you experiencing a burglary because there are less people seeing your home as a target.


The size of where you live matters too. A potential intruder is more attracted to a larger residence because the bigger a house is, the bigger the chance is that there are valuable things inside it. When it comes to an apartment, there is less space for valuable things.


An apartment might offer better protection against burglaries because of the amount of people that live in the vicinity. There is a higher chance of being caught when so many people live nearby. With a home, there is more privacy and a better chance of getting away.


Apartment complexes also make it harder for an intruder to get away because of the layout of the property. If you live on the second floor, intruders are less attracted to your apartment because they would have to use stairs and it would take longer to get away. There is also a parking lot and sometimes a security gate. With a home, there can be multiple entries and that can give an burglar more options of getting away quickly.


One of the simplest ways to arm yourself against a potential burglary is by locking your doors. It might seem obvious, but 30% of home burglaries happen by way of an unlocked window or door.


In the end, the only way to ensure that you and your family are safe from intruders is to install a home security system. This will guarantee that police will be alerted in the event of a break-in and it will give you peace of mind that your family and your home are protected. Having a home security system installed in an apartment is possible too. There are options for renters that allow them to have a portable system they can take with them if they move away. The peace of mind of a home security system isn’t just reserved for homeowners. Just about anyone can live with the confidence a home security system provides. Check our Protect America Reviews, Vivint Reviews, and all our security system reviews to help protect your home and family. 

The Top 3 Home Security Cameras

security cameras

One of the most powerful things about home security is being able to use security cameras. As important as the panel and all of the other sensors are, we stare incessantly at the cameras. After all, it is cool to see what is going on when the home is alone. What does that dog keep getting into? How do the children act when the babysitter is around? Or even better, how does the babysitter act around the children when the parents are gone. So as much as we love our home automation and security features, most home security customers are using the cameras more than anything else. It is true that the camera does help protect you as a deterrent, but in the event that you do have a break-in and the burglar does get away, then you have the opportunity to catch the bad guy. That’s the good news. But check out the following 3 home security cameras recommended by TrustedAlarm.com:

Nest Camera

The nest camera is easily the most sophisticated camera on the market today. Using it’s own application, the Nest camera is a smart camera. It is always listening and always recording. You can receive push notifications on motion and also on sound detection. The Nest camera is very easy to install using your smart phone. More importantly, the camera’s picture is extremely high quality recording in 1080p. Also, the camera has night vision that kicks on automatically so everything you want recorded, no matter the situation, it is recorded. The wide angle lens will easily show an entire room. As for where you can get it, most larger electronic and big box retailers carry nest products. But if you want to have the the monthly monitoring with your Nest camera, then choose Vivint Smart Home because they integrate with nest.

General Electric Camera

General Electric is a great company. To say they are not might be blasphemous. They claim to be the world’s premier digital industrial company. Well, from airplane parts, appliances, and security cameras, they offer some of the best technology. Period. Similar to the Nest camera, General Electric’s camera offers most of the same features. Although it may not look as sleek, it boast high quality internals. Protect America home security is a leading provider for for General Electric home security equipment.

Whether you want to catch intruders, watch your boring vacant house, or watch cute videos of your cat jumping off the couch, make sure to choose the best option.

Protect America Is Best In Class

Protect America is leading the home security industry. At TrustedAlarm.com, we’ve found that home owners have become more educated over the years. We are now in an Age Of Information. The consumer is now empowered. They no longer make decisions based on emotion only. Instead, consumers are perhaps making most decisions based on logic. That being said, TrustedAlarm.com has become the trusted source of real quality information about home security companies. Protect America is our trusted source. Read below to find out why.

      1. A company is only as good as it’s people.

Protect America

      really takes care of it’s people. See what hey offer


      . They offer full benefit packages as well as career building opportunities. In 2011, Protect America was voted best place to work in Austin, TX. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the customers.

2. Although Protect America was not the first company to provide very modern equipment, it was the first one to do it right. Offering a color touch screen panel, Protect America now has a very innovative and technologically advanced home security system. The color touch screen panel is a General Electric product called the Simon XT system. The user interface is very easy to use for those that are not super familiar with most technology. The good news is that this new option integrates the new wireless equipment and sensors. And yes, the Simon XT also has cellular technology so that in the event of a burglar entering your home, the panel will remain active even if ripped from the wall.

3. Home automation. Need we say more? Well, let’s touch on this just in case. Home automation is exploding right now. As said above, consumers are becoming more comfortable with information and technology. Life is getting faster and Protect America responded. The company now offers automatic door locks, appliance control modules, and light controls.

5 Ways Burglars Evaluate Your Home Security

Protecting your home is extremely important. Your home is where you sleep. Where you go to escape the chaos of the world. But you cannot keep the chaos at bay without using reliable security. In order to know if you have the proper measures of protection in place, it is important to know how your home will be tested. So you should know about the ways that burglars evaluate your home security.

1. Knocking On Your Front Door

The most widely used home security evaluation method for burglars is also the easiest to perform. The would-be burglar simply walks up to your front door during midday as if they have some business to attend to. Then they knock on the door and ring the doorbell. What happens next tells them a lot about how you are securing your home. Because this is almost always done in the light of day, being greeted by a person tells them that the resident might work from home, be a stay at home parent, etc. A dog may begin barking, letting them know that they have a very active security system that will not be easily bypassed. Being greeted by a person or dog will often scare them off. If there is no one home, then they will most likely look for any signs about dogs or security systems. If they find no further signs of your protection, then they will attempt to break in. Try to befriend your neighbors, so that you can some extra eyes on your property. If you can, invest in a guard dog.

2. Looking Through Windows

One of the most crucial ways that a burglar uses to assess your security is by peering through your windows. When a criminal can see inside your home, it is almost as good as stepping inside. Maybe they can see the control unit for your DIY security system, which may make them think that they may be able to reach it and disarm it before it goes off. They will have a better idea of your floor plan, so they can devise an exit strategy. Be aware that interior lights at night allow those outside of the home to see inside perfectly, while also obscuring your vision to the outside. Burglars have been known to stand in a backyard and just watch residents, observing their nightly routines, and perhaps getting insights into the existence of safes, security codes, etc. Be sure to draw curtains and blinds to prevent wandering eyes from assessing your home. Make sure that you do not only draw your curtains when you are leaving the home, because this routine will alert anyone watching the property that you are not home. Also, be sure to maintain your routine of opening and closing curtains when you leave the property for an extended amount of time.

3. Lighting and Cover

A house with very poor exterior lighting is preferred by burglars. It allows them to cover their approach and surveil the property without residents or neighbors seeing them. Even if the outside of a home is well lit, cover such as bushes, debris, etc. provide hiding places for potential burglars. Any dark or hidden place that a person can conceal himself or herself in is an invitation for criminal activity. With cover, burglars are more likely to watch your property with the expectation that they can get away with the crime do to their ability to observe your routine. Make sure that all of your bushes are flush against walls so there is no space to walk behind them. Use motion sensor lights in addition to consistent light sources. Be sure that any home security system signs are well lit. If a criminal does not see that you have a security system, they might end up breaking something before running away.

4. Seeing If Your Locks Are Open

If you are not using your locks, then you are undermining your own security. Even with a visible security system, desperate thieves may risk a time crunch to take advantage of an unlocked door. Whenever a burglar does not need to work very hard, they will rationalize other risks. Always lock your doors, because once a criminal has found that no one is home, the first thing they grab is the doorknob. They give it a turn and then they start looking for other ways in. If your locks do not work correctly, then there may also be an issue where a hard turn can retract the latch bolt. This is why it is important to install both a keyed knob and deadbolt on a front door and use both when the house is unattended, and while the residents are sleeping.

5. Forced Entry Attacks

Many people assume that burglars prefer surreptitious means of entry, such as lock picking, bump keys, etc., but most often thieves will use forced entry attack. The appeal of these methods is that they require very little training and practice. There is no requirement to purchase materials other than tools that a burglar may already have access to. The forced entry methods are also quick and almost guaranteed to work. A rock will break most any glass. A kick will knock down almost every door. Quick, reliable, cheap, and easy to use. These are what thieves look for, as most are just looking for a crime of opportunity. You can strengthen your doors by adding metal slip casings around the lock hardware, and install 3-inch screws into the strike plate and hinges. Windows can be improved with security film that makes them shatter and scratch resistant. If your locks are damaged you should contact a locksmith to replace the broken materials and pick their brain for remedies to any attacks your home may be vulnerable to.


Now that you understand how a criminal really thinks about your security, you can do what you need to protect what is yours. Do not fall into a false sense of safety. It is all too easy to say that it won’t be you and that this only ever happens to other people. Eventually, the hand of fate points to you. On the day that your security is tested, you want to make sure that it does not fail.

Author Bio

Ralph Goodman is a professional writer and the resident expert on locks and security over at the Lock Blog. The Lock Blog is a great resource to learn about keys, locks and safety. They offer tips, advice and how-to’s for consumers, locksmiths, and security professionals.

Protect America In The Community

Protect America is becoming part of the community. In an effort to work with local groups, Protect America wants to show the community that it cares about those people it is trying to protect. Back in 2014 the company teamed up with local police departments to combat burglary. In Austin, Texas, the company gave a check for $15,000 to Austin Police Department. The funds will be used to supply and aid detectives with high tech equipment in anti-burglary operations.

    “The APD’s ongoing anti-burglary campaign involves classified procedures designed to apprehend seasoned offenders and highly-valued targets. The sensitive nature of these strategies is due to current and future investigations dependent upon them. Among the items selected by the Burglary Unit’s technology authorities are powerful laptops and technology used to make investigations more efficient.”

Read the entire article here.

    “(Quote from Burglary Unit Lieutenant, Police Chief, or other public-facing figure). The APD Burglary unit, since its inception in 2010, has arrested more than 2,600 suspected criminals. According to Cityrating.com, the 2014 projected burglary cases reports for Asutin will surpass 9,500. “The goal of the Burglary Unit is to increase case clearance levels by solving more cases, to recover stolen property and to return the property back to the rightful owners,” said Lieutenant Art Arevalo.”

Some critics would say that such a large company is only donating because of some tax strategy. And that might even be the case, but regardless of Protect America intentions, the money will help play a role in doing good and fighting home invasion. After all, isn’t that what we are really concerned with anyway?

Other companies like Vivint have created organizations within the company to work with the community. The Vivint gives back program has helped thousands in need. Read more here. Feel free to read more on the Protect America website.

Also, read about the #1 TrustedAlarm.com pick.

ADT Pulse With Z Wave Technology

ADT Pulse

ADT pulse allows customers to automate their homes. The ADT pulse system provides the homeowner with an opportunity to transform their home into a smart home. Homeowners can use the pulse system to link up all their electronics and control their homes. ADT Pulse uses Z-Wave technology to link your home so that many devices are able to communicate with each other. Z-Wave technology seamlessly converts your home into a controllable entity. Homeowners are extremely excited about what ADT and other security companies are doing with home automation.
Because Z-Wave unifies all your home electronics into an integrated wireless network, there’s no complicated programming or new cables to run. In seconds, your device is joined to the network and can communicate wirelessly with other Z-Wave modules. Then you can control your Z-Wave household remotely from a web-enabled computer or mobile device from almost anywhere in the world.
Home automation allows you to remotely control your home from a variety of devices. Imagine as you are commuting to work that you remember you forgot to lock the front door, turn off the lights, close the garage, or turn off the air conditioning. With select security companies you will be able to monitor and control multiple functions from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You will have the ability to lock or close doors, adjust the thermostat, turn on or off lights, or view live camera feeds.
Homeowners are flocking to home automation for peace of mind. Homeowners can completely control their homes with just a few touches of a screen from any part of the world. The decrease in stress allows people to become more productive, enjoy their lives, and focus on what is important. Converting your home into a smart home is as easy as calling one of Trusted Alarm’s user rated security companies.

Protect America vs ADT

Protect America is on the cutting edge of technological advancement. All of the products and services that they offer are considerably advanced for the home security system industry. Not only will Protect America protect your home from potential intruders, they will allow you to check your security cameras from anywhere. Protect America allows the homeowner to view home cameras from any cellular device.
Protect America has a large number of pet owning customers. Pet owners value the ability to check on their beloved pets throughout the day. Pet owners can see what their dogs are up to, as well as use a two-way speaker camera to communicate with their animals. Homeowners can actually give animals (or people) commands from anywhere in the world, as long as they have a cellular device.
Unfortunately, ADT does not have the capability to two-way communicate with animals (or people) with their current equipment. For some homeowners, this is not an issue. ADT has a long history and a massive customer base to prove that they have a model that works for quite a few Americans. Even though they do not employ the most cutting edge technology, they still have a fantastic reputation of securing homes from intruders.

When considering whether to choose between Protect America or ADT, it is important to weigh what is most important to each individual. Do you prefer to work with a company who has a long reputation of securing homes? Or do you prefer a company who secures your home, but also offers other perks such as mobile control of your entire home. Essentially turning your house into a smart home. You’ll be able to control the lights, garage, cameras, and locks in your home if you choose Protect America. In the end it really is all a matter of personal preference