Reviewing Blink Home Security

Blink Home Security

Reviewing Blink Home Security

Blink Home Security is a small Do-It-Yourself security camera. It is simple to install and can work in any home. Many people enjoy the freedom of a DIY home security system, but there are a few drawbacks.

With the Blink Home Security System, you don’t have any customer support technicians that can come out to your home and help if you are having technological difficulties. You might be paying less for the equipment, but you are forgoing important customer service.

Many people that have bought and reviewed the Blink Home Security System have noted that while the camera works, it doesn’t come with many other features that could set it apart from it’s competitors. It is just a camera that can attach to a wall and show you the inside of your home.

Another downside to Blink Home Security is that while they are no wires, there are batteries. This can be difficult if the batteries die and need changing while you are away. This can result in a stall in your home security monitoring, which could be especially frustrating if you are out of town on vacation.

Blink Home Security can be accessed through an app on your smartphone or tablet. This can provide you with home security monitoring no matter where you are. But if there is an emergency, the system is not linked to any emergency responders so you could very well watch a thief haul off with your television.

Blink Home Security can be a great solution for the person who just wants to monitor their house. But it does not provide anything other than that. If you are looking for break-in alerts, door monitors, sirens or water leak alerts, you will want to contact a home security company that specializes in all around home security.

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