3 Simple Reasons to Install a Home Security System

1. Protection from Intruders
Homes without security systems are 3x as likely to be invaded.  The very existence of an security system is often enough to deter intruders, however the system provides no real safety unless it is being monitored by a home security company.

Home security systems have at least three basic pieces of equipment, although most have many more features.

Often times burglars will unwittingly enter a home while people are inside. The dangers of home invasion are dramatically reduced when a home security company is monitoring the system. 

2. Protection from House Fires

Homeowners are at greater risk of a fire than an actual home invasion. However, fires are not often thought about in connection with home security. Most home security companies offer high-tech monitoring to insure that all occupants of the home are safe in the case of a fire. Loud alarms will siren to awaken the occupants of the home. The security company will also immediately dispatch the fire department to the home in danger. In all seriousness, having a monitored smoke alarm could be the difference between surviving and not surviving a home fire. Some systems will even send a text message to the homeowner warning them of the danger in their home.

3. Saving on Homeowners Insurance
The cost of homeowners insurance depends on the location, coverage, payment plans, the insurance company, type of house, and other miscellaneous factors. Homeowners insurance is a package policy. This means that it covers both damage to your property and your liability or legal responsibility for any injuries and property damage you or members of your family cause to other people. Insurance companies offer as much as a 20% discount on insurance to homes with an active home security system. Depending on which security company homeowners choose, they are positioned to save more on homeowners insurance than they are paying out in security monitoring. Essentially making money every month by owning a home security system. How sweet is that? Baller move.






Reviewing Blink Home Security

Blink Home Security

Reviewing Blink Home Security

Blink Home Security is a small Do-It-Yourself security camera. It is simple to install and can work in any home. Many people enjoy the freedom of a DIY home security system, but there are a few drawbacks.

With the Blink Home Security System, you don’t have any customer support technicians that can come out to your home and help if you are having technological difficulties. You might be paying less for the equipment, but you are forgoing important customer service.

Many people that have bought and reviewed the Blink Home Security System have noted that while the camera works, it doesn’t come with many other features that could set it apart from it’s competitors. It is just a camera that can attach to a wall and show you the inside of your home.

Another downside to Blink Home Security is that while they are no wires, there are batteries. This can be difficult if the batteries die and need changing while you are away. This can result in a stall in your home security monitoring, which could be especially frustrating if you are out of town on vacation.

Blink Home Security can be accessed through an app on your smartphone or tablet. This can provide you with home security monitoring no matter where you are. But if there is an emergency, the system is not linked to any emergency responders so you could very well watch a thief haul off with your television.

Blink Home Security can be a great solution for the person who just wants to monitor their house. But it does not provide anything other than that. If you are looking for break-in alerts, door monitors, sirens or water leak alerts, you will want to contact a home security company that specializes in all around home security.

Should I use a Raspberry Pi as a Home Security System?

Raspberry Pi

Should I use a Raspberry Pi as a Home Security System?

Raspberry Pi is a company that makes personal computers. Recently, they have been making a big scene online and throughout the world with a new product- a Do-It-Yourself Home Security System. DIY can be an enticing idea for many people because of the savings is can provide. But is it the best choice for your home security?


Raspberry Pi offers a small, simple security camera. It can be used in your home or outside. It has the ability to sense motion and then take pictures. Then the camera can send the pictures to your email. This can give the edge on home security that you have been looking for. You have the ultimate control with the Raspberry Pi camera.


While the Raspberry Pi can seem like a simple home security solution, there are a few downsides. One of the biggest downsides is that there is no customer support like you would receive when using a home security system company. If you are struggling to install your camera, you are on your own. When you choose a home security system company, they do all the work for you and often, they don’t charge an installation or equipment fee when you sign a service contract with them.


Another downside of using Raspberry Pi is that you do not have a control panel. When you choose a home security system, a control panel is installed and it is from there that you can control the entire system. You can also access the system remotely through your smartphone or tablet.


The bottom line is that you want a home security system that is reliable. And the best way to do that is to use a reputable home security company. When you do that, you get excellent customer service, equipment warranties and peace of mind.

How to Cancel Your ADT Contract

how to cancel your adt contract

How to Cancel Your ADT Contract


As your family’s needs might change, you may be interested in how to cancel your ADT contract. If you cruise around the internet enough, you will find that there are disgruntled customers that describe a difficult process of canceling, but it’s actually quite simple and straightforward. Here are the steps on how to cancel your ADT contract:


  1. Visit the ADT website and scroll to the very bottom of the home page and click on Help Center.
  2. In the search bar, type in “How do I cancel my service?”
  3. Scroll down and click on “Account and Billing FAQs”.
  4. Under “How do I cancel my service?”, click on “Learn more about how to cancel your ADT service”.
  5. This will direct you to a page that asks about changing your service or if you are moving. It also has a link about canceling. Click on the canceling link.
  6. This will direct you to another page that gives you a phone number to call. This will direct you to ADT’s customer service and at that point, they will walk you through the steps of canceling. You cannot cancel your ADT service online. You have to call.


What do you do when they will not cancel your contract? There are a few ways to work around the terms of the contract your signed if you really do want to cancel your service and stop paying for it.


Most security companies have certain “out” clauses in their contract meaning that they will allow you to cancel under certain conditions. Those conditions are usually that you the customer has to pay a certain percentage of the remaining balance on the contract. Other companies require that you pay the full amount of the remaining balance.


With most home security companies, you can sell your existing contract to someone else. In other words, it’s transferable. To find someone that might be interested in taking over your contract, do a little internet searching or even ask friends and family that might in the market for a home security company.
The bottom line is that you should never sign a long-term contract that you aren’t comfortable with or familiar with. It’s difficult to learn that the hard way. With ADT, if you don’t sign a long-term contract and want to be on a month-to-month basis, it will cost you more, but you will have the freedom to cancel service on your terms, not theirs. And it always feels better to not be tied down to any one company.


How do Home Burglaries Compare to Apartment Burglaries?

home burglaries

How do Home Burglaries Compare to Apartment Burglaries?


If you have ever had anything stolen from you (albeit home burglaries or apartment burglaries), you know that it’s one of the worst feelings. Whether it was something valuable or trivial, you know how violated you can feel. To know that someone was in your personal space, going through your things and taking what they want can be uneasy and frightening.  

According to the FBI, the biggest threat to your home is burglary. And this includes apartments as well. Often, people wonder if there are more apartment burglaries or home burglaries. There isn’t one single answer to that because it can depend on many factors.


One of the first major factors when comparing home burglaries to apartment burglaries is the location. If you live near a busier part of town, whether it’s a home or an apartment, there is more foot traffic and a higher chance of burglary. But if you live in a more rural area, there is less of a chance of you experiencing a burglary because there are less people seeing your home as a target.


The size of where you live matters too. A potential intruder is more attracted to a larger residence because the bigger a house is, the bigger the chance is that there are valuable things inside it. When it comes to an apartment, there is less space for valuable things.


An apartment might offer better protection against burglaries because of the amount of people that live in the vicinity. There is a higher chance of being caught when so many people live nearby. With a home, there is more privacy and a better chance of getting away.


Apartment complexes also make it harder for an intruder to get away because of the layout of the property. If you live on the second floor, intruders are less attracted to your apartment because they would have to use stairs and it would take longer to get away. There is also a parking lot and sometimes a security gate. With a home, there can be multiple entries and that can give an burglar more options of getting away quickly.


One of the simplest ways to arm yourself against a potential burglary is by locking your doors. It might seem obvious, but 30% of home burglaries happen by way of an unlocked window or door.


In the end, the only way to ensure that you and your family are safe from intruders is to install a home security system. This will guarantee that police will be alerted in the event of a break-in and it will give you peace of mind that your family and your home are protected. Having a home security system installed in an apartment is possible too. There are options for renters that allow them to have a portable system they can take with them if they move away. The peace of mind of a home security system isn’t just reserved for homeowners. Just about anyone can live with the confidence a home security system provides. Check our Protect America Reviews, Vivint Reviews, and all our security system reviews to help protect your home and family. 

Should I Buy a Home Security System from eBay?


Should I Buy a Home Security System from eBay?

As you peruse eBay, it won’t take you long to see there there are many sellers offering home security systems. But is it safe? Should you buy a home security system from eBay? In short, the answer is no. Here are the reasons why it isn’t a good idea.


  1. Buying home security system from eBay instead of from a reputable company increases your chances of fraud. When you purchase your home security system direct from a company, you can have peace of mind that you are going to get great service. With an eBay seller, there is no customer service phone line. You have to take the chance that you aren’t going to get duped. That is never worth the money you are spending!
  2. You risk getting faulty equipment. Some eBay sellers are only selling broken equipment that has or has not been refurbished. This equipment is not going to come with a warranty like the equipment from a reputable company is. Once again, there is no phone line you can call to ask questions about your equipment. Often, the home security system equipment sold on eBay is from a home security company that has gone out of business and is trying to unload their inventory.
  3. If you buy home security system from eBay, you are going to most likely overpay. When you use a reputable home security company, you can get the best deals possible. eBay sellers cannot give you the deals a home security company sales representative can. Many buyers also assume that the best deals are found on eBay when that isn’t the case at all, especially for home security systems. Another issue is that many home security companies offer the equipment for free when people sign a contract. You can save hundreds of dollars in that way alone.


The best way to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe with a home security system is to purchase the equipment and service from an actual company, not an online seller. You will receive excellent customer service and the best price possible. You will also deal with experienced installers that know the best ways to monitor your home. You can take the guesswork and stress out of home security when you hire a company that specializes in keeping people and their homes safe.



How do you know if someone is watching your house?

How do you know if someone is watching your house?


It’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings in your neighborhood and know who lives around you. This helps you better protect your family and your home. But what if you feel like you are being watched? When a burglar breaks into a home, they often have been planning it for a while. They have set a target and know what they are looking for. How can you know if someone is watching your house and planning on you being the target?


There are obvious signs that someone is scouting out your house for a potential burglary. You might notice someone walking around your neighborhood frequently, possibly taking notes or pictures. There also might be someone parked on your street for long periods of time that you do not recognize. A burglar might pose as someone who needs help with their car or other issue just to get close to your house and your family. And of course, there is the threat of people working on your house like construction workers, carpet cleaners or furniture movers. Be sure you are familiar with the people you allow to come inside your home.


These people might be perfectly harmless, or they might not. It is worth it to be aware of suspicious activity in your neighborhood. If you do notice something outside of the regular day-to-day activity, call your local police department. They are happy to come out and investigate anything that might lead to a burglary or violence. It’s best to try and stop a crime before it happens.


To protect your family and your home from a break-in, there are a few simple measures you can take that will help a lot:

  1. Make sure you keep your yard tidy and well-maintained. If the lawn looks overgrown and there are weeds in the flower beds, it can sometimes tip off a burglar that no one is home and possibly on a long trip.
  2. Put away your children’s toys and bikes at the end of the day. If you child’s bike is especially expensive, it might tip off potential burglars that you have other valuable things inside your home.
  3. Do not leave mail in your mailbox or packages on your doorstep. This could make a burglar think you are out of town. Also, never post on social media that you are out of town. You never know who could see that as an opportunity to break into your house.
  4. Do a daily check that you windows are locked and secure. It is even a good idea to cut a wooden dowel and put it inside the track of your windows to further protect your family.
  5. Never leave the house with the doors unlocked. 30% of burglaries happened with the door being unlocked.

Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems


In this day and age, you don’t have to scroll through the news on your phone too much to see all the scary things that can happen. There are home burglaries, break-ins and assaults everyday, all over the country. Luckily, you can have a first line of defense by using a home security system. A home security system can give you an edge on taking care of your home and protecting your loved ones.


What is a home security system?

A home security system is a way to arm yourself and your family with excellent protection whether you are at home or away. A home security system can protect your family while you are asleep at night and it can protect your home and your belongings while you are at work or on a vacation.


How does a home security system work?

A home security system works hand-in-hand with your local law enforcement. If your system is interrupted by a break-in, it alerts your local police and they are able to get to your home as soon as possible to stop in burglaries or damages. You also can monitor your home with a home security system by accessing the system remotely.


How much does a home security system cost?

Home security systems are more affordable than you might imagine. For a full home security system, you will spend between $19.99 and $69.99  The installation is also affordable, but many companies offer free installation. When it comes to the equipment, it is also reasonably priced and is sometimes included in your installation price. Here we are listed home security pricing


What options are offered in a home security system?

A basic home security system has a control panel that you use to activate or deactivate the system whether you are home or away. Today’s control panels are sleek and look great with any home decor. Many home security systems offer the option to access the system remotely through a smartphone or tablet. Beyond the basic home security system, there are options of surveillance cameras and doorbell cameras. These can also be accessed remotely through a smartphone or tablet. With these extra camera options, you can feel confident that you loved ones are safe while you are away.


What if the home security system equipment breaks?

If your home security system breaks or malfunctions, most companies offer a free lifetime warranty. This helps to ensure that you can have your home and your loved ones protected under any circumstance.


What if I move away? Can I bring my home security system with me?

When you purchase a home security system, you have the option of purchasing one that is portable. It does cost more money and there could be a fee to change your service address, but it is possible to bring your home security system with you. This option is very popular with people who rent their house. Just because you do not own your home doesn’t not mean you cannot enjoy the benefits of a home security system.


A home security system can give you peace of mind. When you purchase a home security system, you don’t need to worry about your belongings or your loved ones.

6 Common Home Security Mistakes

security system

Simple tips can help homeowners stay safe. Here we list some common home security mistakes that homeowners make. All of the mistakes that we’ve listed can be EASILY prevented.


 1. “Hiding” A Key Under a Doormat– This is by far one of the most common home security mistakes that homeowners make. The first place that an opportunistic burglar is going to look for a key to your home is under the doormat. Please do not leave a key to home there!


2. “Hiding” A Key Outside– This mistake is closely related to the biggest mistake. You are not being clever by hiding a key under a potted plant or a rock.  When you leave a key outside your home, you compromise what is inside your home. The solution is simple, don’t do it!


 3. Falsely Using Security Equipment–  Professional thieves will know the difference between sign yardage, fake cameras, and legitimate security. Posting a sign without actually having a home security service is dangerous.  At best you are only deterring opportunistic burglars.


4. Relying On a Dog– Relying on the family pet to keep you safe is naive. Even if  your dog is not friendly they are easily manipulated and can be fooled.  Barking at the front door, and barking at an intruder entering by other means is different.


5. Using Social Media To Tell Of Whereabouts–  Most Robberies happen during the day, why? Thieves know that you are  most likely to be at work. The last thing a burglar wants to deal with is someone inside the home. For this reason, as                   tempting as it is, do not #instabrag or update your status on Facebook telling of your whereabouts. It is even more important that you wait to post about your awesome vacation AFTER you return home, not while you’re actually gone.


6. Not Forwarding or Stopping Your Mail– Another one common home security mistakes, is not stopping your mail. If you are going to be gone on vacation it is important to stop your mail. It is a dead giveaway that no one is home when mail piles up at your home. You also risk people stealing packages left on your doorstep. Next time you leave on vacation, give the USPS heads up.

3 Ways A Security System Helps Keep You Safe

security system

How home security systems help security?

The demand for home security systems has increased the past few years.  Homeowners are installing home security systems to keep their home safe from burglars. They are also installing home security systems to keep them safe from natural disasters.


There are two main types of security systems, wireless (Protect America) and wired (ADT). More homeowners are opting for the wireless versions because instillation is affordable and flexible.

With advancement in technology, home security systems have been upgraded to include new features and functions.

A security system will typically include the following:

Alarms/Sirens – Loud noises ignite primal fear in all mammals, especially humans. Our bodies react on a viseral level when confronted with loud screeching noises, such as an alarm. The alarm severs two purposes: First to warn off intruders, and secondly to warn the homeowner that something is wrong. Sirens go off when any sensor has been tripped.  Motion, heat, water, or smoke may trip your alarm.

Sensors – Protect your home by measuring dangerous changes within your home. Sometimes that is movement in a particular part of your home, at a particular time, where and when there should be no movement. Sometimes the danger is smoke or fire. Your sensors will warn you of a fire before a fire will actually wake you up, which could be the difference between life and death. Sensors will also warns of water or flood damage to come.

Control panel – This is the part of the system that brings all of the other parts together. The control panel communicated with the sensors, the alarms, and the homeowner.  The control panel allows the homeowner to control which sensors to turn on and off and control the time in which it is either on or off.

It is important to choose the right home security system for you. TrustedAlarm.com has designed a comparison page to help you decide which system works best for your needs.