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Trusted ADT Reviews- ADT is the nations most recognized and established home security and automation companies. Everyone has seen the small blue stickers and signs on homes across America that says “Protected by ADT”. ADT is a familiar and reputable brand that is hard to shake when it comes to competing with. They are an industry leader for brand equity and established home security near 125 years ago. ADT

  • $28.99 – $57.99 / Month
  • High end Honeywell equipment
  • Small appliance control with system

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 ADT is the nations most recognized and established home security and automation companies. Everyone has seen the small blue stickers and signs on homes across America that says “Protected by ADT”. ADT is a familiar and reputable brand that is hard to shake when it comes to competing with. They are an industry leader for brand equity and established home security near 125 years ago.

When it comes to the topic of security, ADT is one company that has a voice. Security and automation are advanced and set the bar for competition to compare themselves with. But does working with the largest company in home security mean you will receive the best rates, service and equipment? Let’s take a look at reason’s why we love ADT and reason’s why we feel you should look at other options.

Reason’s Why We Love ADT

ADT being one of the largest and well-known in the industry most would expect that it would rank on the top of our list of top 5 home security companies in the nation. Well we feel differently ranking them at number five. Let’s first take a look at the top reason’s why we think ADT is a great choice to choose for your home security and automation services.

  • Low monthly fees starting at $28.99 – their starting package is on the affordable side starting at under $30. This allows many homeowners to add custom features to their package if their budget calls for it.
  • 6-Month Money Back Guarantee – the only company in the industry that offers 6 months’ money back is ADT. Most only offer 14 days, sometimes stretching to 30 days if you are lucky. We found that no matter the reason, ADT time after time agrees to returns with no questions asked.
  • Free Installation – making your installing experience easy and pain-free, ADT offers free installation to all customers. This allows them to assist you in creating the perfect package for your home and help you find the best spots to place your home security and automation equipment.
  • ADT Pulse App – many of your favorite home automation and security features are offered in the Pulse app but what makes the Pulse app attractive is the user interface and virtually no learning curve.
Reason’s Why to Consider Other Options

Being such a large company and one of the oldest in the industry there is a plethora of mixed reviews about their services, products and equipment. These review come with time for any company but they are still something to consider before choosing ADT as your home security and automation service provider. Let’s take a look at some of the reason’s why you may want to consider other options rather then ADT.

  • Free Installation is limited – if you are signing up for one of ADT premium plans you will have installation provided to you for free. If you choose the basic/traditional package you may occur a fee for installation.
  • BBB Complaints – ADT has a plethora of registered BBB complaints that are all mixed. Even though they have many positive review they still have their fair share in negative reviews that has affected their BBB rating overtime.
  • 3-year contract – with a locked-in 3 year contract you will be bound to stay with their services or break the contract and pay the remainder of the contract amount agreed to when signing up.

Overall we are confident that if you choose ADT as your home security and automation company you will be pleased by the services you are receiving just watch out for some of the reasons mentioned about that may change your mind on signing up.

Like most home security and automation companies there is a lot to consider within each agreement and terms signed with your final contract. Not all fine-print is in benefit of ADT. After reviewing we found that there were several instances that it was in favor of the homeowner. Let’s take a look at a few items within the agreement we feel need to be pointed out.

QuickConnect Plus Panel – depending on the market you live in; ADT offers a great instant saving of up to $200 on installations that cost more then $299. This is a great savings on upfront costs compared to other companies.

6-Month Money Back Guaranteed – there is no other company in the industry that stands by their products and service as much as ADT does. Offering a 6-month money back guaranteed is very uncommon in the home security and automation industry. ADT understands that they are a leader in the industry and is hard to compete with when it comes to brand equity so they offer great programs such as this one.

Mover’s Package Guarantee – like most other home security and automation companies, ADT offers a mover’s package program. This program allows you to move to a new location with your services with no cost to you in changes to service although installation fees may apply. Contact ADT directly before moving to see if they will give you a discount on installation on your new residence, they are known to do that.

Overall, ADT has very common contract details. In fact, ADT sets the bar for agreements and terms and most other home security and automation companies use their contract as an example to work off of. Always make sure to read the fine print and understand what you are agreeing to. There may be small clauses within the agreement that we did not cover that you are not comfortable with, so always review your agreements.

ADT home automation offers a plethora of different items of equipment to choose from depending on your specific needs. As we all know not every home needs the same protection or automation. ADT has created a program called “ADT Pulse” that offers several different levels of packages that include burglary and theft, lighting, video, door, flood, freeze, carbon monoxide and windows. Although not every package offers each feature, more then likely you do not need each feature. Let’s take a look at our top reason’s why we feel ADT Pulse is a great program for you to consider.

Nest Integration – If you have Nest to control lighting, heating and security; ADT is one of the only home automation companies that offer integration. With the integration you can control your Nest on your ADT Pulse app from your mobile phone.

Remote Arm/Disarm – With the AT Pulse app you can quickly arm and disarm your security system anywhere in the world. This means you can allow the family in but intruders out from your car across town.

Garage Door Control – Ever have the feeling of forgetting to close the garage door? With the ADT Pulse app you can easily check the status of your garage to know if it is open or closed. Never again worry when on vacation if you left the garage door open again.

Light Control – Many times when you are away from your home you either keep the lights on to give it the look someone is home. What about during the day and keeping your lights on? With ADT Pulse you can easily turn on and off any lights in the house at anytime. This gives intruders a clear “stay away” signal.

ADT Pulse app and the rest of their home automation suite has many features to offer and is a great choice for anyone when searching for a system for their home.

Being one of the largest home security and automation companies in the world, ADT makes sure to offer the best equipment and more equipment then the competitors. Most of their equipment is sleek, innovative and ha a modern style. ADT constantly updates their equipment and is searching for the next popular trend in home security and automation to add to their suite of items. We reviewed their top rated equipment they offer, let’s take a look.

ADT Pulse app – ADT has created a user friendly yet robust app for any mobile phone that can control any of your equipment at your home. Whether it is viewing the video feed, arming your security at your house or turning on the front porch light; the ADT Pulse app can do it.

Advanced Smoke and Fire Monitor – These are not your ordinary detectors, they are monitors. This means they are constantly monitoring not only for smoke but heat as well. It will send a notification to you phone the first second it senses an increase heat or or any smoke through the house.

Climate Control – With ADT you can control your house temperature from your living room couch. ADT Pulse App will recommend temperatures that are energy efficient in addition taking into consideration the current temperature of inside and outside of your home.

Vacation Mode – Pre-create settings for when you are out of town and set those settings with one click. With vacation mode you can create random light settings in your house throughout the time you are gone, make sure it is always armed and allow higher temperatures so you do not have to run your energy bill high while gone.

Overall ADT offers great equipment for any needs in home security and automation. Being one of the leaders in the industry, their equipment is not inexpensive. Although, you can always negotiate deals with a service representative to receive all the features you want within your bdget.

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by Cathrine J. on ADT
City, State: Portland, OR

At first I was uneasy about going with the big guys. But it was pretty good. I've had it about 2 months. I saw a commercial for ADT and my husband said go for it. It's way convenient. I'll post later if I run into anything bad.