6 Common Home Security Mistakes

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Simple tips can help homeowners stay safe. Here we list some common home security mistakes that homeowners make. All of the mistakes that we’ve listed can be EASILY prevented.


 1. “Hiding” A Key Under a Doormat– This is by far one of the most common home security mistakes that homeowners make. The first place that an opportunistic burglar is going to look for a key to your home is under the doormat. Please do not leave a key to home there!


2. “Hiding” A Key Outside– This mistake is closely related to the biggest mistake. You are not being clever by hiding a key under a potted plant or a rock.  When you leave a key outside your home, you compromise what is inside your home. The solution is simple, don’t do it!


 3. Falsely Using Security Equipment–  Professional thieves will know the difference between sign yardage, fake cameras, and legitimate security. Posting a sign without actually having a home security service is dangerous.  At best you are only deterring opportunistic burglars.


4. Relying On a Dog– Relying on the family pet to keep you safe is naive. Even if  your dog is not friendly they are easily manipulated and can be fooled.  Barking at the front door, and barking at an intruder entering by other means is different.


5. Using Social Media To Tell Of Whereabouts–  Most Robberies happen during the day, why? Thieves know that you are  most likely to be at work. The last thing a burglar wants to deal with is someone inside the home. For this reason, as                   tempting as it is, do not #instabrag or update your status on Facebook telling of your whereabouts. It is even more important that you wait to post about your awesome vacation AFTER you return home, not while you’re actually gone.


6. Not Forwarding or Stopping Your Mail– Another one common home security mistakes, is not stopping your mail. If you are going to be gone on vacation it is important to stop your mail. It is a dead giveaway that no one is home when mail piles up at your home. You also risk people stealing packages left on your doorstep. Next time you leave on vacation, give the USPS heads up.

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