5 Ways To Protect Your Home At Night

5 ways

5 Ways To Protect Your Home At Night


Even though most burglaries happen during the day, when unsuspecting homeowners are at work, nighttime invasions are just as serious, and are much scarier. Thieves often utilize the cover of darkness to burglarize your home. Here we have listed five ways you can deter burglars from choosing your home to invade.


1. Have motion-activated floodlights

Burglars do not like to burglarize your home if they think you are home. This puts them at an necessary risk of being caught, or injured by a homeowner that fights back.  They have one goal, steal your belongings without being seen.

One way to spook them is to have motion activated-floodlights. It is difficult to sneak up on a home when bright lights are shining on you.  If you have motion-activated floodlights, this will also act as an element of surprise, really throwing the burglar for a loop.

Not only does light expose the burglar, it also alerts your neighbors.  If the whole street is dark and then suddenly BAM!! lights go on, it will draw quite a bit of unwanted attention the burglar’s way.


2. Post Yard Signs Displaying Your Security Provider

Burglars want to get away with their crime. Knowing that you have a security system puts them at too much risk of getting caught. As much as they want your belongings, they want to go to jail less. One of the best deterrents is the demonstrating that you will have video surveillance of their crime.  Again, if they understand there is a highly likelihood of them being caught, they will not want to rob your home.


3. Install Loud Sirens

Loud sirens are great for two reasons: The most important reason to have a loud siren is to make sure that YOU hear it. If for some reason the burglar is not deterred by your floodlights and yard signage, you need to be alerted if a break in happens while you are home.

The second reason loud sirens are needed is deter an opportunistic burglar from continuing their quest to steal your belonging. We are biologically designed to react to loud noises. They inflict a primal fear in us as human beings. Assuming you are being robbed by a human, they will be fearful when your siren goes off.


4. Pretend You Are Home

As mentioned above most robberies happen during the day, when homeowners are not home. Burglars do not want to take added risk by robbing someone that is home.  One way to deter burglars is to posture as if you are home, even when you are not.

One way to make people think you are home it to install lights that can be controlled by a timer, or through an app. Almost all home security companies give you the option to control your lights remotely from your phone.

Another way to pretend you are home is to leave your television on, either on a timer, or as you leave your home just take a second and turn on your television. Televisions mimic the sounds of everyday “normal” life. So even if the burglar cannot see your T.V., its noises will also act as a deterrent.

5. Lock Your Doors

This one might seem obvious. People…LOCK YOUR DOORS! Homeowners simply do not lock their doors. It is often the back sliding glass door, or the garage side door that is forgotten. Make sure to maintain locked doors at all times, not just at night.

Also do not have a key hidden under the doormat or in a fake rock or under a flower pot. If needs be get an automated door lock so you can remotely lock and unlock your home.

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